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Photographic Stalking Results in Detention

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Photo stalker arrested in La Chorella


Posted 22/08/2019

The alleged "stalker" of women in La Chorrera who posted hundreds of photos of women in La Chorella on Instagram without their permission was apprehended that during a Thursday, August 22   operation carried out by the Regional Prosecutor's Office of Panama Oeste and will be placed under the orders of a Judge of Guarantees.

The authorities reported that the arrest came after the complaint that at least one thousand photographs of women had been published in an account on Instagram without their consent. Most of these women were photographed in the district of La Chorrera. 

The Instagram account has already been suspended reports La Prensa.



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Camera wielding stalker in preventive detention


Clicking weirdo hides his face

Posted 24/08/2019

A man accused of taking photos of 5,000 women in and posting them on social media without their consent will spend the next six months behind bars without his camera. while investigations continue.

On  Saturday the judge of Guarantees in the Accusatory Criminal System of Panama Oeste decreed provisional detention for six months.

The man who took a photo of the women in La Chorrera and uploaded them to is charged him with the crimes of gender violence and crime against freedom.

The affected parties requested that the four-and-a-half-hour hearing be held in private.

Some 21 women of the 82 who had filed complaints attended the hearing. A minor is among the victims.



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