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Security Ministry orders electronic sweep of government offices


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Security Ministry orders electronic sweep of government offices


Debugging underway

Posted 14/08/2019

With some $13 million of Israeli spy equipment used during the administration of Ricardo Martinelli  to spy on Panama citizens still missing , The Ministry of Public Security (Minseg), has  hired the services of  a company  to do an electronic sweep  of  government  offices

The job will be done by  Software & Network Consulting SA, with the aim of detecting spying device or systems for capturing information and listening. The contracted service will cost $38,520  says the Panama Compra portal.

The entity emphasizes that they are guarantors of security in legal terms in the Republic of Panama, whether physical or information that is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Meanwhile, the Technology building, (1204), Barrio Seguro building (1226) and main offices (building 1220) will be inspected.

According to the Minseg, radiofrequency spectrum analysis, electrical network analysis, specialized physical inspection, identification of microphones and hidden cameras, detection of physical security failures, review of communications rooms, review of structured cabling exposure, positioning will be performed of the video surveillance cameras and a detailed report of the situation found and the measures to mitigate the flaws or obvious findings.



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