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Why Putting Self-care First Makes a Lot of Sense


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Hello Dear Boquete Community,
Why putting self-care first makes a lot of sense especially when you feel overwhelmed
Setting time aside for self-care on a daily basis is a good habit that allows you to prevent becoming a victim of unconscious and harmful self created habits of thinking, feeling, acting and moving.
But what exactly is self-care, you may ask.  It is a term that can include so many things and has a different significance every day depending on your needs.
For the purposes of this article I am going to refer to the self-care that you often fail to recognize you need.  The one you need, when as a result of previous actions, finds you in what seems like "the sword and the wall".  This type of self care is difficult to identify precisely because of your lack of awareness.   Many times this happens just because you lack the information.  Or maybe its because you have been mis-informed.
Situations when I have noticed that some of my clients fail to recognize the need for self-care:
  • After getting out of a long hospitalization due to an accident or an operation to replace a joint.
  • When body aches manifest all over and specialists mislabel the condition with fancy terms like fibromyalgia, arthrosis and usually prescribe ineffective pain killers.
  • When they start hearing from specialists..."you need or you'll need a knee or a hip replacement".
  • When they have tried everything under the earth and sky and the pain and discomfort persists.
  • When they fail to identify the negative emotion they need to release.  They may get temporary relief from pharmaceuticals or physical interventions that prevent them from spiraling out of a downward loop.
Most of the difficulties that arise from putting self-care first are tied to faulty unconscious beliefs and emotional blockages.  Learning to identify the mostly unconscious faulty beliefs and emotional blockages, is a first step that is necessary to applying efficient self-care.  How this can happen is actually a simple educational process, however it is not always easy to identify the steps to wellness.
As a practitioner of the Alexander Technique I was trained to take care of my client's wellbeing by first taking care of myself.  An Alexander Technique practitioner is essentially trained to slowly draw out unwanted tension and conflict from a client's body.  To be able to do that, the practitioner has to learn how to get grounded first and then redirect the stuck energy from the client to the earth, where it dissipates.  In other words, an Alexander Technique Practitioner learns to let go first, to facilitate the letting go in a client.
Your body, where the unconscious patterns are hidden, is always present.  If you accept your life situation, the first step you'll need to do is train yourself to pay attention.  As you stick to the process of paying attention, your own body starts showing you the areas where chronic tension and stress needs to be dissolved.  Your body joints will start re-aligning.
At what pace you want to go through this gradual process is up to you.  Basically it is a process of  listening to the body and then using your mind to direct your intention.  
The benefits of allowing yourself to go through this process are enormous.  
  • The functioning of your brain and mind will improve.  
  • Not only will you feel like you are giving yourself a massage, but your entire body posture improves.  As a consequence you learn to manage discomfort and pain.
  • The end result of this process of joints re-aligning, is that you start having more energy for the activities you enjoy.  
  • You'll start slowing the aging process.  You start feeling younger.  
  • Your mind becomes more clear and you start enjoying the whole self-care process.
To learn more about how you can tailor the process of self-care to your own particular needs, you can attend a demo-presentation at BCP's "La Villa Cafe" on Tuesday the 9th of February, from 1:30 to 2:30 pm.
You can find more information about BodyMind Dojo and the methods I teach at:
If you feel ready to initiate this self-healing process you can request a free evaluation at gbvdco@gmail.com.
Respectfully yours,
Gilberto Barria Vallarino
Better Body Balance
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