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Chair Yoga, Yoga for a Healthy Spine & Yoga for Better Sleep


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YiA Yoga International School of Yoga & Personal Transformation is pleased to offer the following Yoga Wellness Workshops the months of August and September. Register early. Space is limited. Family and multiple workshop rates are available. All workshops will be taught by Doris Martinez, RYT-500, YACEP.  Contact Doris at doriscmartinez@gmail.com or WhatsApp at 6915-6161 for questions and to register.


CHAIR YOGA is one of the gentlest forms of yoga available. Students perform postures and breathing exercises with the aid of a chair. Experience the many benefits of yoga without having to get up or down from the floor. Benefits include increased balance, strength, flexibility, range of motion, and stress reduction. This class is prefect for anyone experiencing difficulty standing, limited mobility, balance issues, as well as those who just want to experience yoga in a relaxed, comfortable position.


September 19 & 26 (Thursdays)

10am – 12pm

$40 – Early Bird Registration Fee (by September 12th)

$50 – After September 12th


YOGA for a HEALTHY SPINE is a unique yoga class designed to lengthen and find space in the spine, and increase the spine’s range of motion. The series focuses on practicing postures in a way that enhances the health of the back and spine. This class moves slowly and offers a deliberate, step-by-step approach to the basic yoga postures that help prevent and relieve back pain. You’ll also strengthen your core to support proper alignment of your spine. All are welcome to attend, whether you have back pain, or just want to prevent it!


September 5 & 12 (Thursdays)

10am - 12pm

$40 – Early Bird Registration Fee (by August 29th)


$50 – After August 29th


RESTORATIVE YOGA for BETTER SLEEP Learn how to deepen the quality of your sleep with the profound relaxation of restorative yoga at this one-day only specialty workshop for all those who are sleep deprived. This workshop will include long held supported yoga postures, combined with breath awareness to help calm the mind and relieve tension from the body to help ease into a good night’s sleep and sweet dreams. This workshop is open to all levels, including beginners.

August 30th (Thursday)

3pm – 5pm

$25 – Early Bird Registration Fee (by August 23rd)

$30 – After August 23rd

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