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Your musical date is next Sunday


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Members of the Chiriqui Communities:

If you have ever enjoyed a concert offered by the library foundation concert series, we urge you to attend the concert this coming Sunday, August 11th at 5:00 PM. This promises to be the finest classical concert of the season. Panamanian brothers Luis Casal and Isaac Casal are both consummate musicians, and favorites of the Boquete audiences. The last time that Luis (violin) and Isaac (cello) performed in Boquete together, along with their musician friends from different parts of the globe, audience members were exclaiming “World Class” to describe the exciting evening! This time her sister Paola Casal is joining the ensemble on viola. Things just keep getting better! Along with the Casals, Anna Majcherczyk is an exquisite solo violinist with the Hamburg Symphony in Germany, and is a returning member of this ensemble.
As Luis explained it, most of the performers are friends that they have made during their many years of training and performing around the world. For the most part, the musicians in this group are members of larger symphonies in their home countries, but these friends get together every year or so, to rehearse an entirely new program, and then perform for a short period of time in several venues. This year, we are fortunate that they have chosen to return to Boquete. This will be a rare and memorable occasion. Music lovers…you won’t want to miss it!
Tickets:  at Boquete Library & Mail Boxes Etc.
Entrance: Only B/ .20.00 
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