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Recycle Schedule and Information


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Recycle Rallies for the remainder for 2019:
July 9, 14, 30
August 6, 18, 27
September 10, 15, 24
October 8, 13, 22
November 10, 19, 26
December 3, 15
All Tuesday Rallies will be from 8-noon
All Sunday Rallies are from 7-1:00

The plastic should be free of organic material, free of liquids. NOTE: look for a number on the packaging that identifies type of plastic.
We accept:
#1 PET (number 1 in the triangle) (mainly beverage bottles)
#2 HDPE (number 2) (laundry detergent, shampoo bottles, etc.)
#4 LDPE (number 4) (bags for vegetables, supermarket bags etc)
#5 PP (number 5) (packaging of Philadelphia or cocoa for example)
What we cannot accept: Trash containing liquids
Important: Crush the material, so they take up less space and remove lids
The material should be sorted by type of paper
We accept: · White paper · Colored paper · Magazines/journals · Telephone-books · Newspaper
We cannot accept: · Napkins · Toilet paper
Important: When all types of the mentioned paper are mixed we will pay less
The cardboard should be taken apart and trimmed
What we accept:
· Cartons · Cardboard · Egg boxes (cardboard)
What we cannot accept:
· Cartons with food waste · Pizza boxes
Important: The cardboard must be dry and clean
Tetra Pack
Rinse out, take off plastic pour spout and squashed.
We accept: products which come with the logo of Tetra Pack. If you don’t see “Tetra Pack” on the container, it’s trash.
Important: The material must be clean
The material must come clean and separated, without organic leftovers.
We accept: · Iron / scrap metal · Copper · Bronze · Aluminum · Soda cans (CRUSH THE CANS!!)
We cannot accept: · Cars · Aerosol · Displays · Printer
Concerning the electronic scrap metal: We just accept CPU, UPS, Laptops and Mobiles without the batteries
Clean bottles only.
We NOW accept:
All glass bottles. Please remove the lids
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