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Port of Balboa and the Balboa Shipyard

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Call for dialogue in 10 day Port workers’ strike


Striking Balboa Port worker

Posted 26/07/2019

The worker’ strike, in the Balboa port,  is more than ten days old, and at the Friday installation of the Logistics Cabinet presided over by  Vice President, José Gabriel Carrizo, he called for dialogue as containers

Carrizo said that the government will ensure compliance with the law by referring to the need for collective agreements to be negotiated at the established time. In the case of the port of Balboa, the new convention had to be negotiated last year to begin to take effect of January 1.

"The dialogue table is open, let's sit down and find a solution," Carrizo said in a call to unemployed workers.

Minister of Labor and Labor Development, Doris Zapata, confirmed that there is a stoppage due to the need to negotiate the convention.   At this time the dialogue is paralyzed and they propose that communication be established so that the parties feel, said Zapata.

They ask the workers to stop the strike because the company has already decided to withdraw a guarantee that it had presented in the Supreme Court.  

The president of the National Council of Private Enterprise, Julio De La Lastra, said that as a result of the strike, some 25,000 containers have stopped moving, causing  heavy losses

But more than this loss, there is the image effect of the country internationally and the loss of connectivity that is caused by the strike.



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Business leaders upbraid  lawmakers over ports strike


Riot police arrive on second day of the strike

Posted 28/07/2019

The   Chamber of Commerce. Industry and Agriculture (Cciap) has criticized the position of some members of the National Assembly over the strike of Panama Port workers who have been on strike since July 17.

On Sunday, July 28 the Chamber issued a statement: “It would be expected that this would be understandable for some deputies of the National Assembly, now dedicated to stimulating the irresponsible attitude of leaders who seek the promotion of chaos, instead of recommending the exhaustion of the pathways of conciliatory and constructive dialogue to find solutions.. The country does not forget the unfortunate experience left by the destruction of the banana activity, on account of intransigence, ” [te repression of strikers in Changinola including deaths, blinding and injuries] “

The Cciap said that workers' labor rights do not conflict with national interests, and urged dialogue to emphasize the importance of guaranteeing legal certainty to attract new investments to the country.

The Chamber emphasizes that Panama has made an effort to position itself as a logistics hub in the region, so that the work stoppage in Balboa, the main port in the Pacific, would reduce the country's competitiveness.

'Panama awaited a different attitude from all those who are currently members of the Legislature. That is to say,  the transcendental task of producing beneficial laws for the country, among them, those that modernize the labor order for the immediate needs. of the economic model that has allowed our growth, "says a press release.
The Chamber does not identify who would be the deputies who would be "stimulating" the "irresponsible attitude" of some members of  the Industrial Union of Workers of Dockers and Allied Transport (Sitravaap) , which paralyzed the work of the port and require the negotiation of the collective agreement to the period 2019-2022, which has not been possible until now because there are resources presented by  Panama Ports Company (operator of Balboa), which have not yet been resolved by the Supreme Court .
Because of the strike, the merchandise could not be landed, and the connectivity of the Panamanian port system that works in coordination with the railroad and the movement of land merchandise from coast to coast has been affected.
Last Friday, the Maersk shipping company reported that four ships were in this situation, while three ships from the Ocean Network Express (ONE) shipping alliance also had to be redirected to other ports.
The Cciyap urges the parties to the conflict to discuss and consider the "nefarious" results that the strike has on the country's logistics chain.


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Balboa Port Strikers Back to Work


Posted 30/07/2019

Striking Balboa Port workers returned to their jobs at 10.30 pm on Monday. July 29 after the signing of an agreement by  Hutchison Ports PPC and the Industrial Union of Water and Allied Transport Workers of Panama (SITRAVAAP). The work stoppage began July 17.

 A company statement said that they reached an agreement thanks to the mediation and support of the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development.

" To our clients, whose confidence is the engine to keep us motivated and challenged to improve our services and make our organization excellent, thank you very much for your support during the last days," said the company release.



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State and shipping lines lost millions during Balboa Ports  strike


Posted 02/08/2019

During the 12 day strike at the port of Balboa, shipping lines incurred additional maritime operating expenses, which average around $50,000.

The movement of containers dropped from up to 40 an hour to six.

The cost does  not include other expenses that occurred because the container operating lines had to move cargo from the Balboa  to  terminals, in Colon, by land transport, which increases logistics costs, explained Miguel Rodríguez, from Ocean Network Express (ONE), which handles the Japanese lines K Line, MOL and NYK Line.

In addition to the additional costs to shipping companies, the State lost thousands of dollars for transshipment containers that went to other ports.

 In total, the shipping companies lost more than $3 million


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12 companies seek Balboa shipyard concession


Posted 20/03/2021

Twelve companies, national and foreign, toured the Balboa shipyard facilities,  on Friday, March 19 as part of the bidding process for the 20-year concession with a reference price of $18 million.

 The Panama Maritime Authority (AMP)reported that companies from Spain and other European countries attended. The entity highlighted the importance of the shipyard by having the capacity to serve panamax vessels in one of its docks, which is why it is considered a very important asset for the auxiliary maritime industry.

The administrator of the AMP, Noriel Araúz pointed out that with the complete reactivation of the Balboa shipyard, it is expected to generate more than a thousand direct jobs and more than five thousand indirect jobs, at this time that the measures adopted by the pandemic have affected the economy.

The homologation meeting is scheduled for April 5 at the AMP and the submission of proposals for May 18.



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