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Crops in Central America: Main Figures in 2018

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Moderator comment: There are two reasons for this moderator comment. First is that the four embedded graphics in the below news article are NOT a mistake. There actually are four separate graphics, each of which contain four embedded charts, each of which focuses on a specific market sector, specifically and in order of appearance:

  1. sugar
  2. bananas
  3. coffee
  4. pineapples

There are four separate charts in each graphic. Look in the upper right corner of the bottom leftmost chart and you will see the sector depicted in that chart.

Secondly, and this is a personal comment, I find it interesting that Panama appears to be at the bottom of the list of exports in all four sectors relative to the other Central American countries, some of which are smaller in size and less developed. Not sure how to interpret that.



Crops in Central America: Main Figures in 2018

Last year, the main regional crop sold abroad was coffee, with $2.671 million, followed by banana, with $2.594 million, pineapple, with $1.097 million and sugar, with $722 million.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Data from the Trade Intelligence Unit at CentralamericaData:

The main coffee export destinations were the U.S., Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan and Canada, which together represent 70% of the volume exported by the region, equivalent to approximately $2,050 million.






After coffee, bananas follow in importance according to the value exported. Last year, Central America sold $2.594 million abroad, equivalent to 6 million tons. In recent years the average export price of the fruit has shown a slight upward trend, going from $0.37 per kilo in 2012 to $0.45 per kilo in 2018.

Pineapple is still Costa Rica's "star" product. In 2018 the companies of this country exported $1.038 million, concentrating 95% of the total pineapple exported by the region, being the U.S. and the Netherlands the main target markets for sales.

According to foreign sales, sugar was the fourth most important crop during the year in question, since a total of 1.8 million tons were exported, equivalent to $722 million. The main destinations for sugar exports are China, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Haiti and Taiwan, which together represent more than half of the volume sold by the region, equivalent to $590 million.

CentralAmericaData provides information on agricultural exports from Central America, including monthly evolution, destination country, prices by crop, exporting country and destination country, importers and exporters, among other details.

Note: SIECA data was used for this report.



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