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A Few Words From BCP

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A Few Words From BCP


If you have attended the Tuesday Market or visited the BCP building in the past few months, you have no doubt noticed some changes.  We’d like to take just a few minutes to explain what has been happening, and our plans for the future.

Over the past year, we have conducted numerous informal polls of patrons who visit the BCP Tuesday Market.  We have also visited and observed the operation of similar markets throughout Panama and Costa Rica.  The outcome of these events was the recognition that the most successful and durable markets are organized by the type of products being sold.  This was also the most frequently heard request from our patrons.

As a result of these activities, the BCP Board and our Market Manager began the process of identifying how we could reorganize our market for the best use of space, best presentation for patrons, and most successful outcome for our vendors.  During this process, we examined the available space, the need to remodel portions of our building to maximize efficiency and the desire to be equal and fair to everyone involved.  The process of relocating vendors to group similar types of vendors in specific areas began about two months ago.

As we began the Market changes, we also acquired a new tenant (TapOut Sports Zone) whose business plan required the use of more floor space than was previously used.  BCP and TapOut consider themselves partners in this venture and it was in everyone’s interest to provide TapOut with additional space to ensure their success.  This impacted some space available for the Tuesday Market, so we have made several adjustments to accommodate TapOut’s needs and balance those with the Market’s needs.  Our goal is to complete the Market reorganization within the next few weeks, and we will be providing maps that show the new location of Market vendors to make it easier for you to navigate the Market.  We understand that change can be confusing, but we hope you’ll bear with us as we move toward the future.

BCP and TapOut have joined together to make numerous improvements to the Hex Room and covered patio areas already and BCP would like to continue making improvements in and around the rest of the building.  We are currently having architectural plans drawn that will highlight improvements to the lobby, theater, bathrooms, and some outdoor areas.  Our intention is to provide more space for Market vendors in the future, as well as to improve theater areas, remodel the lobby to be elegant and inviting, and make necessary changes to the electrical, plumbing and other internal systems.

We hope you will continue to support BCP and the Tuesday Market, and look forward to seeing you there!

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