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Fruits and Vegetables: Business Figures in Panama

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Fruits and Vegetables: Business Figures in Panama

It is estimated that Pricesmart S.A., Del Monte S.A. and Nestlé S.A. account for around 18% of the market share in the import of fruit and vegetable preparations.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Data from the “Corporate System of Companies” platform, from the Trade Intelligence unit of CentralAmericaData, provides details on the companies according to sector, main activity, volume and data of their imports, exports and other relevant data.

According to the information system, other companies registering considerable activity are Agencias Feduro S.A., Tagaropulos S.A. and Alimentos del Istmo S.A., accounting for about 11% of the total purchases of fruit and vegetable preparations, measured in terms of imports made.

Other companies with lesser participation in the Panamanian market are Productos Alimenticios Pascual S.A. and Sociedad de Alimentos de Primera S.A., which account for around 3% of the imports made by companies in the sector.

The list of participants also includes Corporación Internacional de Alimentos, Si es Natural S.A. and Supermercados Xtra S.A., accounting for close to 3% of the value purchased.



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