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New Law Mandates Exclusive Parking for Pregnant Women, Effective August 2019

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Exclusive parking for pregnant women


Posted 14/05/2019
Starting on August 13  Panama’s shopping centers, public institutions, offices and educational centers will have exclusive parking for pregnant women.

Law 83 of May 9, and, published in the Official Gazette on Monday,  establishes that public places that have between 20 and 50 parking lots will have to allocate one for pregnant women. Centers or public places that have more than 50 parking lots must allocate 5% of the total amount. In public places with less than 20 parking lots, pregnant drivers will have preference to make use of parking.

Law 83 establishes that the parking lot will be used both by the pregnant woman or whoever is driving and will be identified with a decal that will be issued by the  Transportation Authority (ATTT). The car must also be identified with a decal that will be issued by the entity with a term of validity.

The parking lots should be identified by an image of a pregnant woman in pink, with the dimensions required by the ATTT for this type of signaling and should be located near the main entrance of the premises or customer service, says the standard.

The ATTT is empowered to apply sanctions for violating the provisions of the new law.


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