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Cats Looking For Laps


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We have several kitties willing and able to take up residency in your lap.......

Gringo is playful, active, and curious.  He gets along well with his two sisters and has beautiful blue eyes. He is 4 months old, and will be ready for adoption after the next spay/neuter clinic on the 31st January.



Missy is a 2 month old female. She is a sweet, playful (not hyperactive) and a joyful kitten. Will be ready for adoption after the next clinic the end of January.


Leia is a two month old female kitten. She is so sweet, playful and she likes to explore. At the moment she is too small to be spayed, and is becoming healthier by the day. Leia was rescued in Volcancito where she lived in a house with 35 cats. The owner of the house recently passed away and she is one of many that will need new homes.  Will be ready for a new  home in March.


Jax is a sweet, friendly and outgoing young male.  He is approximately 6 months old and will be ready for adoption after he is neutered at this month's clinic.  He has had his shots and been de-wormed.  He has a wonderful disposition and loves to cuddle and play.   



Lisa Mosley
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