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Tai Chi for Health and Longevity


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“Praying Mantis Tai Chi” is now offering two classes per week. The Saturday class meets from noon to 1:30PM in the gazebo in Boquete’s Central Park (Parque Domingo). The new Tuesday class is held next to ChopStix Restaurant (in Alto Boquete) from 1:30-3:00PM.

Tai Chi combines gentle physical exercise and stretching with mindfulness. Tai chi can improve balance, fitness, and flexibility. It is known to reduce stress and improve general health, and in numerous studies has been shown to reduce the risk of falls.

Unlike the competing exercise regimes, Tai Chi is the only form of exercise tested and endorsed by Harvard University Medical School. With some 5,000 years of systematic study, Tai Chi is literally the best investment of time and energy that one can make in one's future health and longevity.

The instructor, Bill Witty, studied for 20 years with Grand Master Lee Ho Yen, and has 34 years of experience practicing and teaching Tai Chi.

Classes are open to all levels and ages; no mat is required; loose, comfortable clothing is best. One can join the class at any time. There is no charge for the group classes.

Private lessons, at other times, are available.

Questions? Call: 720-1729 or send email to wittywit082@gmail.com

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