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Happiness report puts Canada top of the Americas - Panama 31

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Happiness report puts Canada top of the Americas- Panama 31


Helsinki capital of happiest country

Posted 22/03/2019
Panama was listed in 31st  position in the latest  UN World Happiness rankings of 156 countries. Canada listed 9th, got top ranking on the American Continent, The USA, the world's richest country fell one place to 19. Costa Rica at 12 was rated highest in Central America

For the seventh year in a row, the UN's Sustainable Development Solutions Network released a report ranking 156 countries according to measures including income, freedom, trust in government, social support. life expectancy, corruption and how happy their citizens perceive themselves to be.

Finland remains in top position followed by Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, The  Netherlands, and New Zealand.

 Corporate power and wealth inequality were named as reasons for Americans' chronic unhappiness

The study noted that some of the highest-ranking nations ensured that immigrants have a high quality of life as well as native residents. "It's true that last year all Finns were happier than rest of the countries' residents, but their immigrants were also happiest immigrants in the world," economist and report author John F. Helliwell told CNN. "It's not about Finnish DNA. It's the way life is lived in those countries."

The U.S. ranked 37th for social support, 61st for freedom, and 42nd in the report's measure of corruption.

 All the countries in the top 10 have universal health programs



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