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Results of the patio sale and news about the continuing sale


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Good Morning Boquete Community:
Our treasurer Susan Peterson reports the following results from last Saturday's patio sale at the Handicap Foundation:
        $ 2,101.31  pre-sale for volunteers on Friday, March 1
          6,793.33  proceeds from Saturday, March 2
          1,336.00  proceeds received from internet sales in February
            552.00  proceeds from pre-sale items during February
We still have a lot of stuff left -- especially small electronics. Loesje Sherwood (our "volunteer of the decade") has offered to open up the locked electronics room to potential buyers from 9-12 this Saturday, March 9 and from 1-4 this Tuesday, March 12.
This is a partial list of the items we still have for sale:
Envision 22" monitor for $25 (no color adjustment)
Large Meade telescope -- taking offers
Many printers, many with ink cartridges installed -- priced from $5 to $10 each
Several complete audio systems with multiple speakers -- one brand new priced at $75
Dozens of golf clubs priced at $3 each
New Samsung Blu Ray player for region 4 (Panama)
New Waring ice crusher
Large floor mount for your large screen TV (no holes in your walls)
Like new Titan gas hot water heater (Titan is a very expensive model)
Many internet routers -- some new
Olympus camera
Helmet mounted sports camera
Camera for mounting on your computer monitor
Hand held radio scanner
Several DVD re-writers
Many kitchen appliances
Dozens of LP records
Several pieces of furniture including recliners
Like new black toilet
Etc, etc, etc.
Please come during the stated hours and ask for Loesje.
Also remember that I still have a complete desktop computer system (buy all or buy pieces), 3 expensive golf drivers (now priced at $25 each), a 320gb Seagate external disk drive now reduced to $40. Contact me directly to purchase any of these -- pjbarrett@aol.com or WhatsAp 6510-8934.
Penny Barrett
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