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Transform Exercise into Play at Pilates & Exploratory Movement!


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Discover Greater Creativity, Flexibility and Ease of Motion in All that You Do! 

Become aware of your attitude toward exercise and movement. Slow down and become kinder, gentler. Stop pushing so hard, repeating the same repetitious movements and creating tension. Learn how to play and expand the patterns in which you move. Enjoy greater ease and fluidity as you explore your body/mind, open circulation and undo pain .Experience and feel how the entirety of your body is interconnected.
Pilates and Exploratory Movement! A terrific combination for Fun, Enhanced Body- Awareness, Overall Well-being and Greater Freedom & Ease.
Ongoing Pilates Classes at the Haven- M-W-Th, 8:30 til 9:45 a.m., & Sat.10:30 til 11;45 a.m.
All props provided- Including different size balls, yoga mats, stretchy bands, magic circles, and weighted balls & 3 lb. hand weights [for those who want to use them].
Classes for residents- $9 each or 4 in a package for $30, or a month unlimited for $72. All 4 classes in a 4 class package need to be taken within the month.
Classes for tourists and guests are $10 each. Both packages are available for non-residents at the reduced rate.
No need for Preregistration! Just Come! 
Questions? Email Suzanne Clare, Certified Pilates Instructor & Yoga Therapist with 26+ yrs. teaching experience at suzeclare@gmail.com
Looking Forward to Seeing YOU SOON!
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