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30 spas without security for Carnival

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30 spas without security  for Carnival

Posted 26/02/2019
At least 30 recreation areas in the Azuero region, most of them located in the province of Los Santos, will not have security coverage during the upcoming Carnival as security personnel concentrate on the places with the greatest presence of people during the four days of Carnival festivities, and in the rest of the sites there will be "police rounds".

Hector Gracias, the regional director of the Civil Protection  System, (Sinaproc), told La Prensa that they will have coverage in the Parque Porras de Las Tablas, a place where a large number of nationals and foreigners are concentrated.

He said that for the surveillance of five beaches, an island and the Parque Porras de Las Tablas, they have a staff of 120 individuals, including officials and volunteers, to cover Carnival in Los Santos.

There will be security forces at Monagre, El Rompío, Los Guayaberos beaches, on the coast of Los Santos district, Las Tablas district, El Uverito beach and El Arenal beach, in Pedasí.

The coverage plan also includes Isla Iguana, in Pedasí, where the departures have increased.

During, the rivers La Villa, Estivaná, Tebario, Güera, Tonosí, Perales, Guánico, Quema and Caldera, have more than 30 spas that are visited by hundreds of people says La Prensa.



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