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Coconut Oil, Cream, Water, Fresh Grated, Pulp

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on Thursday, we press coconuts to make oil.  this makes the following products available:  
WATER is released by the process but not part of it  
GRATED COCONUT and COCONUT CREAM, are parts of the process PULP is what's left after the cocos are pressed.  

these fresh products, and OIL, are available for pick up on Thursday afternoon, 4-6 pm, at the old Bulk Organic Foods building, immediately after processing.  

These are the freshest possible, raw, cold pressed, cold processed, coconut products, made locally, by hand, with all stainless steel equipment, from island coconuts.  No product is cooked, canned, sweetened, preserved, flavored, scented, or tampered with in any way. 

water, fresh grated, cream, and pulp must always be preordered by wed evenings, 6:00  

contact us off forum to place your orders, get prices, or directions lapalmarosa@gmail.com


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