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The Food for Life Is Here!


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In today's world our foods are filled with genetically modified chemicals.  Those beautiful looking heads of corn and melons
usually contain cancer causing pesticides that fight the bugs but also will kill us all over time.  There is a reason cancers
have increased 3000% since the 1920's and its our foods and the environment in which we live.  Since you have changed your
environments already, lets get really healthy and change the foods you eat.

It's time to take back our families and give us all the health we deserve and with 153 Whole Foods that's exactly what we do.  
We have searched all of Panama looking for fresh organic foods that we can deliver to your table and we have found them.
We now have vendors from Italy, Costa Rica, Mexico, Russia, and other areas where we know the dangerous chemicals aren't used on our foods.

153 Whole Foods is your locally owned and operated family organic grocery store located in downtown Boquete.  
We have grass fed, hormone free beef, maybe some of the best you will ever have!  We have real organic eggs with
free range chickens who are fed real food and not your traditional chemical filled chicken feed.  We have the very best organic
fruits and vegetables anywhere.  We are small but we are always growing and we are always taking requests.

If you have never shopped with 153 Whole Foods, we would love to earn your business and welcome you to our family!

Eat Organics, Eat Local, Eat Panama!
153 Whole Foods
Boquete, Panama - Located Across from Catholic Church
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