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Colon - Murder Capital Of The Isthmus

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Colon - Murder Capital Of The Isthmus


FREE ZONE a magnet for narco-traffickers

Posted 25/02/2019
Colon has become the murder capital of the Isthmus with a homicide rate of 26.2 cases per 100,000, double the national average, which translates into 91 deaths in 2018 alone and 215 in the last  three years most linked to drug trafficking.

Colon’s the first prosecutor of Drugs, Markel Mora. Told La Prensa  that  80% of reported homicides in the region are related to the trafficking or sale of drugs, which usually arrive from Colombia,

Nathaniel Murgas, anti-gang prosecutor, said that 42 gangs operate in Colón, mostly in the center of the city, although with activities in the coastal areas.

In the last two years 17 gangs were dismantled and in 2017 alone 272 people linked to the criminal organizations were prosecuted,

Security experts say that the Free Zone places Colon in the big leagues of the international logistics service area, but it is a double-edged sword, used by crime groups to transport drugs.

The former drug attorney Aminta Corro, said that like all illicit activity, local or international drug trafficking carries an enormous burden of violence,.Any "misplacement" or theft tumbling of the merchandise, or any murmur to authorities or rival gangs, is rewarded with death.  For executions, minors, who are gang members are used and receive less severe penalties because of their age.

According to Mora, during the past year, 14 tons of narcotics were confiscated in the province of Colón,  in 24 operations and 47% of the seizure was in the ports.

Frontmen running legal businesses.use $70,000  cars and live in $500,00 homes of but when they are investigated it is found that the properties belong to corporations or companies.

Nathaniel Murgas, anti-gang prosecutor, confirmed that at least 42 gangs operate in the province of Colón, most of them in the city.

Many gang members s are minors and are chosen to carry drugs and commit homicides. If they are arrested, their cases have different judicial management and, if condemned, the sanction may not be as harsh as those applied to adults.



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