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Innovative digital platform will contain information about Panamanian cinema


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Innovative digital platform will contain information about Panamanian cinema

Fri, 02/15/2019 - 20:28


Fabio Agrana

An innovative digital project seeking to become a reference and database to rescue the Panamanian film production history was presented on Thursday as part of the Panalandia Poor Film Festival, which takes place in Panama City.

It is the platform called "Cine Bunker" which is nothing but a kind of digital library that will contain references, synopsis, genres, release date, duration, posters, progress, and full credits from Panamanian filmmakers' films.

The information sheets will also have profiles of all the filmmakers and actors, as well as incorporate the evaluation or vote of those who enter the platform who rate between one and five stars the films' quality.

In its first phase, the platform will gather only general information sheets of some 250 films, including clips, documentary feature films, animation, and experimental films, 85 of which have participated in Panalandia, which provide information with these films to the platform.

During the presentation, which was held in the facilities of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Panama (MAC), it was said that the platform's second phase will include the possibility of streaming or continuous films' downloading, provided that the filmmakers authorize to do it this way, with cost or without cost for users.

"Cine Bunker" is a project created and developed by the young Panamanian entrepreneur Jorge Castillo, founder, and chief executive of the company La Narrativa, SA.

Castillo told ACAN-EFE that Cine Bunker is a platform that will function as the digital library of Panamanian cinema, in which, he indicated, "all Panamanian productions can be grouped."

The project's first stage, according to Castillo, is merely informative and the technology is already being worked so films can be watched directly on the platform.

He stressed that in addition to promoting and being a valuable reference of what is being produced cinematographically in the country, this platform will help in some way that the distribution of these films is no longer a problem.

"The idea is to compile the history of complete Panamanian cinema, from the beginning until now because we do not want to discriminate any type of time, nor do we want to discriminate any type of productions such as clips, feature films, documentaries, animation, or experimental films," Castillo said.

He added that the platform project comes at a time when the cinema is a sector that is growing in Panama and wants to become an industry, "then I feel that what we need now is to be able to include them all and that we all join in favor of a single purpose "to promote it.

However, Castillo added that the purpose is not to fill the need for a ational cinematic, which "would be very good but would involve much more resources and would be more difficult to perform."

"But yes, we are practically filling that space because right now there is no such structure," said the digital library creator, who clarified that at the moment access will be free and subscriptions are not considered for this first informative phase "that is already walking."

Regarding the name as the project has been designated as "Cine Bunker", Castillo explained that he took the idea of this structure that was originally created to protect valuable objects or people, royalties, or presidents for example."

Although what was sought" was to turn (to this concept) that it is not only a bunker with access to valuable people but "that now this is a bunker accessible for everyone, to protect and disseminate the history of Panamanian cinema."

The project was presented on Thursday by its creator in the framework of the Panalandia Poor Film Festival, which takes place in Panama City, from Wednesday, February 13 to Saturday, June 16.

Panalandia emerged in 2014 with the idea of promoting film creation at all levels of Panamanian society, without great technical and budgetary requirements, whose strength is contained and stories of national issues, expressed from an authentic approach and an original and universal language.

In the current edition, a total of 85 productions will be screened, 61 of the local and 24 of Central American filmmakers.




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