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Panama Truckers Block Honduran and Nicaraguan Trucks From Returning to Their Home Country

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Panama truckers block Honduran trucks

Posted 16/02/2019
Panama truckers blocked highways on Saturday, February 16  preventing  truck drivers from Honduras and Nicaragua from leaving the country with cargos of local products.

The tTruckers of the Unitary Transport Association b of Panama are reacting to steps taken by the  by the Government of Honduras.  The carriers said that for several days Honduran authorities stopped Panama truckers from taking cargos  from the country,  even  forcing them  to return to the premises where they were loaded  and passing the cargos to Honduran trucks,

They have demanded the presence of high officials of the National Customs Authority, otherwise, they will adopt more forceful measures not ruling out the closure of the border between Panama and Costa Rica.



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Panama blocks Nicaragua, Honduras trucks

Posted 20/02/2019
In a Tit for Tat move Panama has imposed temporary trade restrictions on Honduras and Nicaragua truckers

Decrees issued on February 18 and 19 deal with blockades in the lifting of cargo in the fiscal warehouses, free zones, and ports located in Panama to international transit carriers of the two countries.

The measures came after the Panamanian Executive evaluated the situation because local transporters complained about the treatment they received in Honduras and Nicaragua, said a spokesman for the National Customs Authority (ANA) spokesman.

On, 80 truckers from the Unitary Cargo Transportation group held a protest in Paso Canoas, a border area between Costa Rica and Panama that houses a customs post, to oppose truckers from other nations in the region carrying merchandise inside. of the local territory.

This union demanded compliance with Law 51 of 2017 that regulates cargo cabotage, which establishes that only vehicles with Panamanian registration are authorized to transport merchandise or materials.

They requested meetings with that the authorities of the ANA, the Ministry of Commerce and Industries (Mici) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The customs entity said that since 2002, the General Directorate of Customs Services of Nicaragua issued an instruction through a Technical Circular to administrators and Customs delegates in the country to prohibit the lifting of cargo to Panamanian transporters.

On January 30, 2019, the Secretary of State in the Economic Development Office of Honduras instructed the Deputy Directorate of Customs Revenue not to process or accept customs declarations of international transit, in reference to those of Panama reports TVN Noticias



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Freight Transport: Conflict in the Region

The Panamanian government temporarily restricted road carriers from Honduras and Nicaragua from lifting cargo at bonded warehouses, free zones, and ports in Panama.

Friday, February 22, 2019

This action by the Panamanian government comes after the authorities evaluated a complaint made by local carriers, who protested about the treatment received in Honduras and Nicaragua.

You may be interested in "Freight Transport: Threatened?"

One of the decrees issued last February 19 argues that Panamanian carriers have prohibitions for the lifting of cargo "... in all Nicaraguan territory regardless of the destination that carries that cargo."

The other decree, issued on February 18, explains that "... the Deputy Directorate of Customs Revenue was instructed not to process or accept customs declarations of international transit associated with goods loaded in the national territory of Honduras, in which one of Panamanian nationality is listed as a carrier of international transit."

Also see "Heavy Duty Vehicles: What Brands Predominate?" and "Light Trucks: Imports up to the first half of 2018".

The official documents that the National Customs Authority decided to restrict "... on a temporary basis, the lifting of cargo in bonded warehouses, free zones and ports located in the territory of the Republic of Panama to carriers of international transit of land cargo of Nicaraguan and Honduran nationality."

See resolution regarding Honduran and Nicaraguan carriers.



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