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The "Panama Championship 2019" golf attracts all eyes to Central America

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The "Panama Championship 2019" golf attracts all eyes to Central America

Wed, 02/06/2019 - 16:57

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The Panama Championship of Golf 2019 will attract, from tomorrow, Thursday, the eyes of lovers of this sport to Central America, by bringing together in the Panamanian isthmus the best players belonging to the Web.Com Tour of the PGA.

In the "field" stand out names of players like the American Mathew Goggin, who knows how to play in Panama, and who is in the circle of winners, to take the tournaments in 2011 and 2015.

In addition to Goggin others who will be followed by the cameras and flashes will be the winner of the U.S. Open Championship, in 2007, and Master of Augusta in 2009, Ángel "Pato" Cabrera.

Cabrera was in the Panamanian tournament last year, but could not pass the cut due to an injury.

"Pato" only played 12 holes in the 2018 tournament, had 55 impacts, achieving in the course 5 double bogeys (holes 1 12, 14 and 16), 2 birdies (13 and 18) and 2 bogeys (11 and 17).

Cabrera and Goggin will start tomorrow from hole 1 at 11:40 local time (16:40 GMT).

Mark Anderson, winner last week of the Country Club of Bogota Championship, will also meet in Panama.

Anderson who threw for -17 in Bogota and will try to double the prize of $ 126,000 won at the Web.Com Tour stop in Colombia.

Anderson will begin the tour of the Panamanian golf club at 11:50 local time (16:50 GMT)

Edward Loar is another champion of the tournament that returns for the title. Loar lifted the Panama Championship Cup in 2012.

In the tournament, where most of the 144 golfers who will start the tournament tomorrow are from the United States, there are Latin Americans who can join Cabrera to face it.

Among those is the Puerto Rican Rafael Campos.

Campos in the 2018 edition of the Panama Championship was two strokes behind the defending champion of the tournament, the American Scott Langley, who by the way is not on the list for the event.

For Panama, country that hosts the golf competition, will be its best card, Omar Tejeira.

Tejeira in the tournament last year did not pass the cut, although for this edition with a little more experience in these games he can play the decisive round, which will be held on Saturday and Sunday.

For Colombia, Marcelo Rozo, Nicolás Echeverria and Ricardo Celia will compete; Benjamín Alvarado will represent Chile and for Mexico Oscar Faustro will be in the field.

Argentines Nelson Ledesma and Andrés Gallegos will be next to Cabrera.

Carlos Sacre, president of the Golf Club of Panama said that golfers who pass the cut, it means the best 60 players of 144, will fight for a bag of $ 625,000 in prizes, where the first place should take a check of $ 112,500 to home.

In the Golf Club of Panama, which celebrates its centenary this year, according to its executives is in excellent condition, but like every year, the golfer, who arrived from last Monday to the country, have agreed that the field is a "challenge", by different factors, between them "the quickness of the greens" and the strong Panamanian summer breeze.

The first day of the game will be tomorrow from 06:40 local time (11:40 GMT), with simultaneous exits, in a group of 3, from holes 1 and 10.



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English Ben Taylor leads into the last round at the Panama Championship

Sun, 02/10/2019 - 21:02


The Englishman Ben Taylor stayed on top of the Panama Championship on Saturday, for the second consecutive day, and he is to a day of successfully closing the sports event that is played on the course at the Club de Golf de Panama, which celebrates one hundred years, on the Panamanian capital outskirts.

On this competition's third day, the British player signed a 6-under 204 card, and tomorrow he will look for his share of the $ 625,000 bag that the this Web.Com Tour of the PGA tour distributes.

The Chinese Carl Yuan positioned itself in the second box, to a blow of the leader, finished his route with 2-under 204.

New Zealander Cameron Perci and Americans Tyler McCumber and Derek Ernst are tied for third place, with 4-under 206 hits.

The best Latin American of this third date was the Colombian Nicolas Echevarria, who finished this the round with 3-under 207.

The champion Edward Lord climbed 27 places and is tenth in the standings, with 2-under 208.

The golfers who passed the cut, that is, the best 60 players of 144, will play tomorrow their final tour of the tournament, to try to take something from the bag of $ 625,000 in prizes, which will give the first place a check of $ 112,500.



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