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On Sunday January 27, 2019, Amigos de Animales spayed or neutered 278 animals, 158 dogs and 120 cats, with nine stellar vets and a roomful of awesome volunteers.

We were fortunate to have Nicholas Mellana and Sandy Pompey with us. The work they did in Recovery triage was literally lifesaving.

    We knew this would be a big clinic and the day started with a true can-do spirit and good energy that lasted all day. We had lots of new volunteers but everyone stepped up and worked hard to make them welcome and ensured that all the animals got the care and attention they deserve. As Sherry said, great attitudes and a sense of humor go a long way.




It was a very hot day for all the animals and workers. Unlike many clinics, we had few cool cats but lots of hot dogs. Also, unlike most clinics of late, we had more dogs than cats and actually ran out of floor space for them all.

Changes were made to the tables, floor space was expanded, and the day carried on. Flexibility and good will make all the difference.

We were happy to welcome back some of our student volunteers from Guadalupano School, who came even though they are on school vacation. One young woman has started college but she still wanted to be at the clinic.

We greatly missed our old friends who were so vital to the clinic but we are blessed to have a great crop of new volunteers who stepped right in and together with the returning volunteers, got the job done.

We were delighted to have Dottie with us; she and Dra Chely together again were like old times and as always, they made a fabulous team in anesthesia.




We were happy to welcome our new friends from Puerto Armuelles. A team of Animales volunteers went there a couple weeks ago to help them start a clinic

and they returned the favor by sending a great group of volunteers who worked throughout the clinic.

Thank you and we hope to see you again!

    It was a truly fabulous day – a “bell ringer” day according to Ruby. It was special and all of us who worked there felt that wonderful spirit of comradery.

Thank you to everyone who worked in the kitchen with Jane and those who brought the food to keep us going all day long.

PLEASE NOTE: due to the Jazz Fest, our next clinic will be Sunday February 17.

To volunteer: contact Alicia at akcleavenger@hotmail.com

For a reservation: contact Magaly at boqueteanimales@gmail.com or 6563-8686, phone or What’sApp

Our collectors play an important part at our clinics. They bring in animals from the outlying neighborhoods and fincas. At this clinic, almost a third of the animals

brought in to be spayed or neutered were brought in by collectors and they cannot always afford to pay our already low fees.




By joining the Happy Paws Club you can help support our mission and make up the difference of lost fees that help us pay for the medicines and all the things needed to keep our clinics running.


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