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A New Twist to Pilates at the Haven! Assisted Stretching Using the Big Ball. Combining Pilates with Exploratory Movement!


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Very often, as we age, we lose our body's full range of motion and settle into restricted patterns of movement. Over time, the repetition of these patterns produce tension and pain further reinforcing our movement limitations.
Beginning Immediately!- We will be adding New Stretching Sequences Using the Big Ball to our Total Body, Core Strengthening and Balance Routine. Our objective is to Explore & Discover a Myriad of Ways to Stretch the Body, Come Free of Chronic Tension and Pain, and open more fully into our movement potential.
Any exercise routine if not expanded upon, will eventually produce rigid patterns of movement. Continually repeating any closed system overworks some muscles and under-works others. Too, the mind goes unconscious as it becomes compromised in repetition, no longer needing to be alert to learn something new. 
At Pilates we periodically break free of any repetitious predictable system to explore, expand upon and discover more of our body/mind as we expand our overall abilities. Doing so we increase our concentration serving to strengthen our nervous system and enhance our coordination.
Explore the Diversity of Movement through your Body/Mind afforded by the Intelligent, Wide World of Pilates! We may be aging chronologically, but not in our ability to Perform and Experience New Patterns - Physically, Mentally and.Emotionally.
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