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The time has finally come... It's Pot Pie week!!


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Great News everyone,


This week we have acquired all the ingredients to make Chicken Pot Pie.  There has been an outrageous request for this product so we are gearing up to make a lot.  If you have previously emailed me with a preorder be sure to go to my website and order off the menu.  It’s easier like that!!  In addition to Chicken Pot Pies we are also making a wonderful Keto Cabbage soup that is low in calories, gluten free, and vegan!!  This soup is incredible, healthy, and delicious.  You can easily throw some chicken in it to add a protein if you like…  Be sure to check it out on this week’s menu.


If you are new to Boquete we want to welcome you and take a moment to subscribe to our email list by clicking here:  


Every week we send out a menu update.  Often, we have bonus information that some might find helpful.  We are expanding our line of products quite possibly next week and will make these products available only to our subscriber.  So be sure to get on our email list and enjoy the fruits of our labor..



Check out our menu by clicking this link below and if you have any questions don't hesitate to send me a phone call or email. 


To place an order simply complete the online ordering process and make sure you submit the order when complete. (this is the step most commonly missed)  You will get an order number immediately after completing your order.  I make all deliveries on Monday between 2 and 5 and if you are picking up at our location please come by Monday between 2 and 5 as well.  Tuesday we are at the BCP between 9 and noon and if you chose to pick up there, we are located in the end of the theater hallway by the rear exit.


Thank you

Eric, Cecelia, Chandler, Keira, Aidan



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