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Bodies of 12 Panama-bound migrants found including 7 children

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Bodies of 12  Panama-bound migrants found including 7 children

Posted 31/01/2019
The bodies of 12 migrants, heading for Panama including those of seven children, have been the were recovered following the sinking on Monday, January 23  of the boat carrying them from  Colombia.

Authorities said Thursday that 18 people are still missing after the  Colombian army, with the support of the police, found five more bodies, raising the number of victims to 12.

The boat, which was overcrowded, had 32 occupants, according to two survivors.

The Navy reported that it is working on the recovery of more bodies and the death toll is likely to rise

The tragedy occurred on Monday apparently because of the impact of a wave, according to Lilia Córdoba, mayor of the Colombian municipality of Acandí near the wreck.

The migrants were apparently of African origin, the regional ombudsman, Rafael Bolaños, told the AFP News Agency. that The migrants were apparently of African origin

The boat left the path of Capurganá towards Panama and capsized in the Caribbean Sea.

The Gulf of Urabá, where the incident occurred, is one of the main transit points for African, Asian and Haitian migrants seeking to reach the United States through the Caribbean Sea, with stops in Central American countries.

So far this year, the Colombian National Navy has rescued 84 migrants shipwrecked and recovered 19 bodies .



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