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Wind and waves alert - Mid-January 2019

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Wind and waves alert

Emergency response teams will be monitoring beaches
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WAVES up two meters high accompanied by strong trade winds are predicted fpr Panama’s Pacific Coast through the weekend and Tuesday Jan 22, says an alert from the Civil ProtectionSystem (Sinaproc)
ETESA Hydrometeorology, warns of the intensification of trade winds in the region, a typical phenomenon of the dry season.
Sinaproc director José Donderis, asked the population keep informed of the weather conditions and to comply with all the warningss in aquatic areas. Emergency response teams will be in place on beaches across the country.


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Strong winds and waves alert through weekend

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A strong winds and waves alert, issued by 23 until January 27 there will be strong winds and waves in the Pacific sector of Panama, according to the National Civil Protection System (Sinaproc) on Wednesday, January 23 will remain in effect until midnight on Sunday.

The Gulf and the Bay of Panama, the Bay of Parita, the Gulf of San Miguel and Los Santos, will be the areas that will be mainly impacted.

All  citizens are warned to take safety measures and follow the instructions of  lifeguards



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