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3 Panama cops injured in Colombia during terrorist attack that killed 10, wounded 65

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3 Panama cops injured in terrorist attack that killed 10.

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THREE PANAMANIAN  police cadets were wounded in a terrorist attack on a leading Police academy in Bogota, Colombia, that killed 10 and wounded 65, some critically on Thursday, January 16. A man blew up a powerful car bomb in The government Subbed him an “insane terrorist which is shaking a country striving with its peace efforts.

The alleged perpetrator was identified by the prosecution as José Aldemar Rojas Rodríguez, who entered the Officers  School in the south of the Colombian capital in a gray Nissan Patrol truck loaded with 80 kilos of explosives

Peace Pact
Although everything seems to indicate that the man died in the attack, the authorities have not confirmed his death or his connection with any of the armed groups that still operate in Colombia, financed by drug trafficking, after the peace pact with the former FARC guerrillas in 2016.

The Ministry of Defense of Colombia confirmed that it was a “terrorist action”, one of the most serious that has shaken Bogota since the intensity of the armed conflict decreased due to the peace pact

A health official from the Armed Forces told a local radio station that the vehicle apparently “abruptly” broke into the police headquarters.

“He entered rapidly, almost hitting police on duty and then came the huge explosion,” said Fanny Contreras.

According to her version, “there was another small explosion”, although according to authorities of the Colombian are reportedly working on the assumption the of a single explosion.

“I have given orders to the public force to determine the perpetrators of this attack and bring them to justice,” said  Colombia President Ivan Duque.



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