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Want to Learn Energy Healing ?


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I will be creating a 5 day workshop here in Boquete to teach the Foundations of Energy Healing and Chakra Balancing ...
This will be a hands on training where you will learn how to confidently practice and offer these Effective Healing Arts in a way that can really help another person ..
This workshop will give you Everything you need to understand the  basics of Vibrational Healing and Balancing the Chakras . You will 
be able to begin practicing immediately after this training ..   
This is great for Yoga teachers, massage therapists, healing practitioners as it can be added to your list of services offered.. 
This can also be great for those who just want to learn more about Energy Healing & Vibrational Medicine 
This will be a 5 day workshop - we will meet for 4 hours per day ...  
I would like to begin in the next 3 weeks and will wait to see the response as to where we will meet and what times ...  
This is a High Level Training that will also be fun & Immersive ..  When i offered these 5 day trainings in the States it was no less than 
1000$ per person ...
Offered Here for 350$ 
I have personally been practicing these Amazing Healing Arts for more than 20 Years and have used this knowledge & skills to help hundreds ...
This is a great way to further your own personal healing journey as this workshop will open the door to your own Chakras & Clearing Process...
Please See the Site for More Information 
and Get in Touch with this Email to Express Your Interest ..
6377 9291
Looking forward to it !!
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