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Panama's main airport is awarded for being the most punctual in the world

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Panama's main airport is awarded for being the most punctual in the world

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 16:09

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The Tocumen International Airport, located in the Panamanian capital and in which operate some 40 airlines that fly to 87 destinations in 36 countries in America, Asia and Europe, was recognized as the " the most punctual medium air terminal in the world", the administration reported today.

With an index of 91.11 percent, it was awarded with the On Time Performance Airport 5 star award, awarded by the British aeronautical analysis consultancy Official Airline Guide (OAG), after evaluating global punctuality performance during 2018.

The year 2017 Tocumen, which houses the "Hub of the Americas", had also been among the first places of punctuality.

According to the OAG, of an average of 400 daily flight operations performed in Tocumen in 2018, 146,000 itinerary operations were completed in passenger transfers at the destinations.

According to Tocumen, S.A., the award is an acknowledgment to the investments and to the personnel that works in the air terminal, for the high level of performance and efficiency in the daily development of their work.

To make the punctuality ranking, the OAG is based on some 57 million flight records that use data of all the year since 2017, to create the list of the best performers in a wide range of categories.

Currently, an average of 43,000 passengers travel daily through Tocumen, in addition, more than 400 daily flights are made and it provides connection to 87 destinations in 36 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

During 2018 Tocumen mobilized 15.6 million passengers, of which about 70 percent were passengers that use the airport as their hub of connection.

Panama is in the final stretch of a large expansion project of Tocumen, for some 800 million dollars and in charge of the construction company Odebrecht.

It is expected that this month this expansion will be ready, precisely for the celebration of the World Youth Day to be attended by Pope Francis and is estimated to mobilize 9 million additional passengers annually, to the 15 million today.



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