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A note from FPI (the Handicap Foundation)


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Just a note to let the community know that the Handicap Foundation (FPI is short for Fundacion Pro-Integracion) pays for the services it provides to the handicapped members of our community in these ways:


1. We raise money from your generous donations.


2. We sell books every Tuesday at the BCP market. A paperback is $1 and a hardcover is $2.


3. We have several venta de patios every year. The next one will be on Saturday, March 2 and we're collecting your gently used donations now. You can leave them at our facility in Alto Boquete across the street from Chopsticks Chinese Restaurant or at the book table in the BCP lobby on Tuesdays.


4. We sell computers and miscellaneous electronics. All have been thoroughly tested by our electronic genius technician and are guaranteed for 30 days. All are priced way below comparable items on the internet. Currently we have two nice Dell laptops, a custom desktop computer, and an I-pad for sale. More are in the pipeline and will be released for sale soon. If you're interested in getting advance notices of newly posted items, email pjbarrett@aol.com with a short description of what you want.


Thank you to the Boquete community for everything you have done this past year.


Penny Barrett

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