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Goat milk and yogurt; dried saril petals; eggs


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On our organic farm PanOvejas we have freshly-harvested and gently-dried saril petals. See the description below for more information on saril (roselle) and how to use it.

We also have goat milk ($ 5.25 / quart) and yoghurt ($ 6.30 / quart) as well as eggs.

We can deliver to Boquete, when we have enough orders. Please e-mail me at carol@panovejas.com to order.



Schaf für Logo

PanOvejas S.A.

el Silvopastoril integral

San Juan de Oriente (Chiriquí)


Carol Franklin, celular 6889-7765





Organic Saril

In Panama, the hibiscus sabdariffa is called saril. World-wide it is also known as hibiscus flower, roselle, red sorrel, carcadé, flor de Jamaica. Here, Saril is seasonal during December and January.

We are selling the gently-dried petals of saril which are made from the fleshy, intensely ruby-red calyx petals that surround the green seedpod of the plant.

Saril is said to be good for you in many ways and has a mildly diuretic effect. It is high in calcium, iron and various healthy acids and is tradition­ally used as a mild medicine. For additional information about food value and medicinal benefits please refer to an encyclopaedia.

You can use saril in many ways. The most popular one is a refreshing herbal tea, high in vitamin C and minerals.

Or you can add saril sauce or syrup to puddings, cake frosting, jellies, milkshakes and even salad dressings or pour it over gingerbread, pancakes, waffles and ice cream.

If you feel more energetic in the kitchen, your home-made saril jam with the special tang can enhance your breakfast toast.



The fresh fruits


The dried petals


Organic dried Saril

Gently dried petals of hibiscus sabdariffa. From organic production, without seeds or additives. Picked and dried in December and January. The fruit can be kept in a dry place for a year.

Art. 7.81      30 grams       B/.   5.75

Art. 7.82      80 grams       B/. 11.25

Art. 7.83   150 grams       B/. 19.50


Larger quantities and fresh petals are available on order.





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