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Thank you Bud & Marcelyn!

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Awww shuckins. Thank you to you, and all of our other members (and the guests too, whom we hope will convert to becoming members).

CL is going slower than we have envisioned and hoped for. But we get feedback that we are going in a good direction.

We are also considering some enhancements for additional functionality, but we want to do things the right way rather than the fast and dirty approach. If there is one thing we have learned from CL it is that it is the members who make a website succeed, and moving members too quickly into advanced technology or non-intuitive interfaces is a good recipe for failure.

Would like to thank our core of advisers who guide us on our path forward.

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Bill and I as well want to thank Bud and Marcelyn for their hard work.  It's on-going and a thankless sorta job.  Well...WE thank you and appreciate all the time and effort and (?$$..dunno) you both have put into CL.  It's well organized, and thoughtfully run.  You have always been helpful to me personally when I needed it in learning how to navigate here.  Hats off !

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