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Have a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year, must see security link.


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Have a Happy, Safe and Healthy New Year!!!

Safety is a basic need that has to be fulfilled in order to be happy. 




This link is a must see.




Sneak preview on the link above.

Interviews with convicted burglars. What they don’t want you to know. See more on the link above.
· Of course I look familiar I was here last week delivering a table, painting your house, doing yard work across the street.
· I always knock first. If you answer I will ask directions or ask if you want your windows cleaned. You do not answer, I check the door, if unlocked “jackpot” I enter. If you were home and are using a cell phone or if you blow a horn, I will go to you and remove it.



Use up to date security recommended by law enforcement:


· Alarm Systems that calls for help with a loud siren. You are physically removed from the siren and phone. Separate panel with main panel hidden.


· Cameras that record activity with a hidden DVR. The thug has been to your neighborhood before.


· Neighborhood Watch. Nosy neighbors live in crime free areas.


· Thorny Perimeter Fence on both sides of chain link.


· Outdoor dual wide angle pet friendly motion detectors.


· Motion Lights . We love our new solar motion led lights.



Security Websites: Do not be fooled by alleged security websites that have DIY low cost security products you can on a link from their site. These are often NOT recommended by law enforcement.  With Amazon Affiliates the website or facebook page gets a 4 to 10 percent commission for sales referred to Amazon using your affiliate links. So the product may not really protect you but is making the creator money.


Think and research. If it sounds to good to be true, it often is….criminals are smarter than you hope.  So invest in an advanced system that uses the most advanced technology with police recommendations to keep you safe.  We have found flaws in one popular outdoor motion sensor that has a blind spot and is placed too low (4-5 ft) to the ground for easy removal, we no longer carry it.
Surveillance: The thug has been to your house before, let him see you have "real" cameras to capture his picture for future reference for the police. He can also see the "fake" cameras on sale on Amazon, on the new laptop he stole last week.



Advanced Internet Technology with a Meian Smart Alarm Systems calls for help in seconds, has a flashing siren,  battery back up,  solar or battery operated, if lines are cut.  Smart Apps for phone and computer.  Operates your electrical appliances, detects gas, fire and flood world wide by your phone.


Perimeter protection will alert you when home or away, it will call your neighbors, sounds a siren.
 Meian Patented Outdoor Dual Sensors (solar or battery) use pet friendly dual technology (microwave and Infrared) see below.
 In a second the alarm blasts a 110 dcb siren and scares the bad guys away before they get near your home and are calling for help.  You are distanced from the noise and phone. A separate panel is doing all the work so you will not have something the criminals want to remove to stop you from calling for help.
Thank you,
Safe Home Security of Panama
more information on our web site




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