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New Art and Woodturnings at the BCP Tuesday Morning Market


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David van Harn is an award-winning woodturner who moved to Boquete from Sonoma County, California in 2012, and his friend and fellow artist Richar Huisa is a multi-talented artist who moved to Boquete from Peru several years ago. 

David turns bowls, plates, bottle-stoppers, candle stands and other items, and here are some of his latest creations that were turned from a gorgeous figured wood called sigua canulo.  The wood came from a fallen tree in La India, a neighborhood high up on the mountain in Jaramillo.  Prices range from $75 for the two round bowls to $50 for the square bowl, and $15/ea or 2/$25 for the dual-hole candle holders.  The finish is a buffed on coat of pure Brazilian carnauba wax.  


Richar does painting, pyrography and plates and other types of art, and in addition to his own table in the foyer of the BCP center, I display the below pieces at my table on the back terrace of BCP on Tuesday mornings.  The pyrography is done by hand - these are real, hand-burned original pyrography pieces. not computer/laser art, and range in price from $20-50.  The scarlet Macaw is acrylic on cedro (cedar) and is available for $40.  Custom paintings and pyrography, as well as work as large as murals and wall paintings are available on request.  (Richar painted the Panama Red Rum "Woman in Red" on the mural at the back of Big Daddy's Grill in Bajo Boquete.) 




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