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Rector of Panama University demands Foreign Ministry to investigate Israel agents


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Rector of Panama University demands Foreign Ministry to investigate Israel agents

Mon, 08/20/2018 - 18:57


The rector of the State Panama University, Eduardo Flores, today demanded that the Foreign Ministry open an investigation because two security agents from the Israeli embassy tried to get a student out of the Book Fair, who according to them is related to Palestine.

Professor René Hernández explained on social networks that Flores described as "completely illegal" that two foreign agents tried to expel student Gilberto Solís from the convention center where the Book Fair was held until today, where Israel was as a guest country.

He said "today student Gilberto Solís of Panama University, was intercepted by two security officials of the Embassy of Israel at the Book Fair, where our institution has two premises. These officials asked the members of the police to take him out because they had information that related him to Palestine".

The professor added "the policemen told them they could not take him out because he did not have any case or done anything".

Flores decided to "congratulate the National Police for asserting our sovereignty" and highlighted that at the University of Panama "its member enjoy full freedom to sympathize with the cause they think is the correct one".

Neither the organization of the fair, nor the Israeli embassy have referred to the incident.



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