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Any truth to the rumor (seen elsewhere) about a Wal-Mart in Chiriqui Province?

Oh, wait ..... seems like that rumor actually referred to the evident influx and increasing proliferation of "people of Wal-Mart".

This is exactly why I refuse to shop at Wallyworld. I'm deathly afraid that someone will snap my foto and put it on that website.

(Note to self: don't forget to order a new 55 gallon drum of Plumber's Butt-Crack Putty.)

(Note to self: don't mix-up the toothpaste with the Preparation H, and don't mix-up the Preparation H with the Crazy Glue.)

Stay abreast with the best,


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Well as much as I am not a Walmart fan, most likely because it was a long way to go (LOL at least 20 minutes), Target that was 5 minutes away was my choice. 

Oh but I can only dream hey even a K-mart if they are still around  - OK desperate! Living on a crummy road in the middle no where - there is something going on close but gee, I doubt it's all about me or any of the stores mentioned above.

And if it really happened? I would start to dislike all the reasons we moved here anyways. 

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