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EZ Nature Walk In Boquete


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On Friday, we meet at Plaza San Francisco in the parking lot located in Alto Boquete at 8:30 A.M., leaving at 8:35, carpooling to the trailhead in the Lucero area to begin our one and half hour walk.  
This is a beautiful nature walk with a water channel running alongside the path. We will walk to the reservoir Represa La Estrella/El Valle where there are some waterfowl. 
We will not be in shade so wear sun block, pack the following: plenty of water, cap/hat, bug spray, camera and binocs. Wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with a good outer sole tread. 
No need to RSVP just show up.
Here are a few of my recent photos from the area, we will be walking.  Nature never seizes to amaze me, in all the years, I have walked on the many trails in the Boquete area. I find something new each time. I take photos to keep the memory of nature's beauty alive and to share with others.  See you on the trail...
Any questions email Jere McCormick: jere chica @ gmail.com (no spaces)
Photo 1 Great Southern Butterfly, Photo 2 Cluster of Caterpillars, Photo 3 Roaming Horses, Photo 4 Nature Walkers

Along the Trail (5 of 11).jpg

Along the Trail (9 of 11).jpg

Along the Trail (13 of 15).jpg

Along the Trail (8 of 15).jpg

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