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  1. Ground Floor Casa Cielo #1 - Short Term Rental Available Negotiable Length of Time in Downtown Bajo Boquete - $985 - ALL INCLUSIVE Are you looking for a beautiful home right in town within walking distance to shopping, entertainment and restaurants, yet very private and away from the hustle and bustle? We have the place for you. Our newly constructed ground floor 800 sq. ft. one bedroom luxury condo is drenched in light and fresh air. This furnished one of a kind condo comes with high ceilings, a fully equipped kitchen, stainless steel appliances, Corian countertops, plenty of custom wood cabinets, all cookware, microwave, toaster oven, six burner gas stove, coffee maker and large refrigerator. Enjoy the protected covered terrace and your private BBQ and outdoor seating accessed via sliding glass doors from your living room - which has a comfortable Italian leather sofa and loveseat. Fenced in yard, washer/dryer on premises at your disposal. Plenty of storage space, large bathroom and walk-in shower. Never-ending supply of clean, tested water right from your tap. Relax with a 42 inch flat screen TV with CableOnda cable package and wifi included. Located up the hill on the parallel road one block south of Valle Escondido. Private parking included and all utilities paid; just bring your personal effects and make yourself at home. Perfect place for those who want to consider re-location or just get away. We can help. All inclusive - $985.00 USD per month with damage deposit. Call or email Daniel and Nicole 6775-9485, or lavendergirl8808@icloud.com for appointment and further information.Gound Floor Short Term Rental Available May/June (or longer for the right persons) in Bajo Boquete - $985
  2. until
    This EZ Friday 9/22 meeting 8:30 A.M. in front of Mort's Bakery located in Plaza San Francisco, Alto Boquete along the highway going to David. At 8:35, we carpool a short distance to begin our walk in the Samboni community in Alto Boquete. We walk in hidden portion in this community where orchid plants and air plants thrive on trees, where the Rio Caldera flows below and where it is peaceful and quiet. We may even hike down to the river this time. Remember to pack rain gear, water, cap/hat, bug spray, wear sunblock and take along binocs and camera. Hiking shoes are the best shoe to wear while hiking on Boquete's old country dirt stoney roads, gym shoes with a good outer sole treads are ok. Bring along your hiking sticks (I have some loan). See you on the trail....
  3. until
    Meeting 8:30 A.M. @ the Plaza San Francisco parking lot, though park your cars on the side road. Leaving @ 8:35 for a 2 plus hour walk in the area. We will be walking in a meadow, a neighborhood, then off the beaten path again. Interesting location to walk through - all about the beautiful landscape. Rainy season - pack rain gear. Include in that pack water, binocs, camera and remember your hiking sticks. Wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads. In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful - Alice Walker To be placed on the group email listing: jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces). See you on the trails, Jere McCormick In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful - Alice Walker
  4. until
    In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful - Alice Walker This Friday July 7th. meeting at 8:30 A.M. at the Plaza San Francisco parking lot leaving at 8:35. When parking your car do so on the side road not in the parking lot. No need to RSVP just show up. Our walk will be up in the beautiful highlands of Palmira Abajo. Palmira Abajo has many quiet country roads for enjoying a short walk or a long hike. Some of these dirt roads are steeper than others. The one we will do, as all trails in Boquete are, will be on a slight slant. I always enjoy the highlands of Palmira as it has much flora and fauna (in this case birds) to see no matter what time of the year it is. Pack: rain gear (essential), water, cap/hat, camera, binocs (birding), wear sunscreen, bug spray. Wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads and bring along your hiking sticks (I have some to loan out). Nature walks are all about finding the unusual. See you on the trail.... Join us for the each Wednesday morning for a two plus walk or the popular EZ Friday Nature Walk also for 2 hours, meeting time 8:30 A.M. Butterfly and Lichen Trail Blazers Furry Tiny Caterpillar Mushroom
  5. until
    Friday's nature walk will be Alto Boquete in the lowland. It should be fun, so come and play for about 2 hours. Enjoy nature! 8:30 A.M. meeting at Plaza San Francisco in the parking lot leaving at 8:35 to drive a short distance to begin our 1-1/2 hour nature walk. This walk is 70% level on a dirt path and with about 10 minutes of asphalt walking. What's eye-catching about the path is the beautiful landscapes & meadow and hills in the distance. Pack: water, sunblock, cap/hat, bug spray (spray at the car or before), binocs and camera. Take along hiking sticks (I have some), wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with very good outer sole treads. See you on the trail - Jere McCormick In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful - Alice Walker
  6. until
    This Week - WED. NATURE HIKE is 3 + hrs. April 26. steeper terrain and higher elevation sometimes, though not rushed - Meeting location in front of Boquete's Plaza San Francisco at 8:15 A.M., then on Friday there is an easy 1-1/2 hr. "EZ Friday Nature Walk". Check this calendar on Wednesday for Friday's meeting place. Mostly flat with slight inclines. Our walks are in around Boquete on the lowlands, up in highlands and the rainforests year round. Requirements: As always to be in good health and able to keep up with group even though, we do not hike at a rapid pace stopping often to take in the scenery and discover something NEW. Pack: rain gear (during rainy season), cap/hat, bug spray, water, snack, binocs, camera and hiking sticks (I will loan out). Wear: hiking boots and long pants for this hike. Email for info at jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces) See "Boquete Nature Hiking" blog on this site for more info about the treks. Boquete Nature Walks are all about the natural beauty in the surrounding hills of Boquete. See you on the trail - Jere McCormick In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful - Alice Walker
  7. until
    Welcome to Boquete EZ Friday Nature Walks. This Friday, we meet across the road from BCP located in Bajo Boquete. Cross the only big bridge that over the River Caldera in Bajo Boquete. BCP is just across the bridge on the right side. At 8:35, we carpool to the Quiel Family Finca to do a short 1/1-2 hour nature walk. Bring $3.00 entry fee (correct change please). Señor Issac and the family's small Finca (farm) have sheep, a few pigs and a few cows. His family also grows strawberries and blackberries. At the end of the trail is a beautiful waterfall a real treat. This trail is in the rain forest in the beautiful Bajo Mono area of Boquete. What to pack: Water, cap/hat, sunblock, bug spray (put bug spray before we begin walking), camera and binocs. Wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads. I have hiking sticks to loan or bring your own. No need to RSVP or send regrets. Just show up. jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces) See you on the trail - Jere McCormick
  8. until
    Welcome to Boquete EZ Friday Nature Walks This Friday, we meet at 8:30 A.M. in Bajo Boquete across the street from BCP, after crossing the bridge. We leave from there at 8:35 carpooling to Bajo Mono parking at Sendero Cascada Escondida AKA Pipeline trail head. Bring $3.00 exact change please this is their entry fee. The Pipeline Trail is the home of Magnificent Resplendent Quetzale. This trail has one of their favorite foods, the tall Wild Avocado trees which are spread throughout this area and it's the Quetzale breeding season. Please continue to read more about our walk on Friday below. This Friday's Nature Walk adventure will be longer - 3 plus hours, our walking time may be a total of 2 hours. The area is loaded with plants, flowers, butterflies. There is also a sloth which if it is out, we may see at the first bridge crossing, the R. Quetzale normally is seen after crossing bridge 3. What to pack: bug spray (please put on bug spray at the car not on the trail), hat/cap, sun block (again put on at the car), water, snack, hiking stick/s (I have some to loan), binocs and camera. No need to RSVP/ or send regrets just show up if you can. Listen to the Quetzal call and habitat. I have included a few of my photos from past walks on this trail. http://www.arkive.org/resplendent-quetzal/pharomachrus-mocinno/video-09b.html See you on the trail....Explore Dream Discover More info email jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces) Photo 1, Female Quetzal - Photo 2, Hole in tree nesting site for Quetzale - Photo 3, Young Quetzal - Photo 4, Adult Male
  9. until
    Welcome to Boquete EZ Friday Nature Walks Friday, we meet at 8:30 A.M. our destination will be in the Caldera area and walking on a beautiful country lane alongside the Rio Chiriqui Grande. We possibly may view a hidden petroglyph and of course much more. I really like this country lane it's quiet, we may see locals ride their horse into town as it seldom used by cars. This lane is along the Rio Chiriqui Grande which makes for a very pleasant walk as, we hear the river flowing alongside. It is warm in Caldera compared to Boquete so dress lightly, use sunblock and bring a hat/cap. Our meeting place will be on the side of the road right after making the Caldera turn, do not pass the police stop. Make your turn just before the police stop, park on the right side of the road. We will be carpooling to Caldera. Our Nature walk will be 45 minutes out and 45 minutes back. The trail is relatively flat with a few slight inclines. What to pack: Plenty of water, bug spray, sun block, hat/cap (this is a must), camera and binocs. Wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads and hiking sticks. Email me should you have questions, jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces). See you on the trail....Explore Dream Discover
  10. until
    Friday morning meeting in the Plaza San Francisco parking lot at 8:30. We will walk in the Alto Dorado area, which is the area where, I live so basically, we will have a nature walk in my backyard area. We hop into our cars carpooling to the trailhead for our nature one and a half hour walk. Remember to pack rain gear, cap/hat, water and your camera. Wear sun block, hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads. The old country road is dirt and it is a bit stoney, so bring, your hiking stick as it is a good instrument to use for balancing. Here are a few photos from our nature walk in the Lucero area from a couple of weeks ago. Enjoy the photos and your day! See you on the trail, Jere McCormick
  11. until
    On Friday, we meet at Plaza San Francisco in the parking lot located in Alto Boquete at 8:30 A.M., leaving at 8:35, carpooling to the trailhead in the Lucero area to begin our one and half hour walk. This is a beautiful nature walk with a water channel running alongside the path. We will walk to the reservoir Represa La Estrella/El Valle where there are some waterfowl. We will not be in shade so wear sun block, pack the following: plenty of water, cap/hat, bug spray, camera and binocs. Wear hiking shoes or gym shoes with a good outer sole tread. No need to RSVP just show up. Here are a few of my recent photos from the area, we will be walking. Nature never seizes to amaze me, in all the years, I have walked on the many trails in the Boquete area. I find something new each time. I take photos to keep the memory of nature's beauty alive and to share with others. See you on the trail... Any questions email Jere McCormick: jere chica @ gmail.com (no spaces) Photo 1 Great Southern Butterfly, Photo 2 Cluster of Caterpillars, Photo 3 Roaming Horses, Photo 4 Nature Walkers
  12. Our nature walk will be on the Sendero Culebra Trail a first for many of you, located somewhere in the Bajo Mono area. During the rainy season, I am quite sure, we will see a variety of moss, mushrooms, maybe some orchids. The Boquete's Rio Caldera flows alongside the path. This is one of my most favorite rain forest areas in Boquete, I love the variety of scents that flow through a rain forest, the rainy season makes a rain forest even more beautiful. We meet at the Boquete Library square at 8:30 A.M. Carpooling at 8:35 to our destination. BL is located right side along the road leading into town. park your cars on the side road there is plenty of parking. Remember this is a rain forest so dress accordingly. Pack rain gear, water, cap/hat, bug spray, bincos, camera. Wear long pants, hiking shoes preferred or gym shoes with good outer sole treads and take along your hiking sticks, although, I have some to loan. Just show up no need to RSVP. Reminder this is a nature walk not a hike.
  13. This month, we explore the Palmira area. Last Friday, we walked in Palmira Centro and through a meadow. A wonderful and beautiful nature walk. This Friday, we meet at 8:30 A.M. in the Plaza San Francisco parking lot, then at 8:35 car pool to the highlands of Palmira once again. We begin our 1-1/2 hour nature walk in Palmira Abajo. Fast Facts: Palmira County has 8 populated areas, it has 2 rivers, 3 streams and it's altitude measures 2,624 ft. to over 11, 000 ft. / 800 m to over 3,475 m. Pack: rain gear, water, hat/cap (it may be shady walk), camera, binocs and bug spray. As always wear sun block, hiking shoes or gym shoes with good outer sole treads and bring along your hiking sticks. No need to RSVP just show up. See you on the trail. Here a few of my photos from Palmira. Photo one - Turkey Tail Mushroom Up-Close, Photo two - Naranjilla Flower Up-close, Returning Home From School, Photo three - Drying maize
  14. until
    Join us this Friday, September 30 meeting on the side street in front of the new Boquete Library at 8:30 A.M. Car pooling at 8:35 to our starting point in El Santuario area. Join Boquete EZ Nature Walks every Friday. These are not hikes. Meeting at different locations in the Boquete area. No need to RSVP just show up. Always pack rain gear during rainy season, water, camera to take some awesome photos, binocs to bird watch and wear sun block and a hat/cap to help you from getting sun burned and hot. This nature walking group is about loving Boquete outdoors for an hour and a half. Enjoy the beautiful mountain range surrounding us, the 50 shades of green during both seasons, seeing the variety of butterflies that flutter about, birds and other lively natural sights as well as walking with a group of wonderful nature fans. We don't walk fast since, we are so busy looking and snapping photos. Email me to be placed on the master email list for this group. jere chica @ gmail.com (no spaces) See you on the trail.
  15. What to do during the rainy season? Go out for a morning nature walk. This Friday Sept. 2 the "EZ Friday Nature Walk" group will go out for an hour and half stroll on a private Finca in Bajo Mono before it rains. Meeting at 8:30 at the Boquete Library on the square, then car pooling from there. Have $3.00 bills for Finca entrance fee to enjoy a short but, enjoyable nature walk through part semi rain forest - rain forest area. Part of the terrain is rocky but doable for a short time then it's evens out. I have hiking sticks to loan. The is a walk not a hike. We take it slow and easy to find all critters large and small. Mushroom season is at it's height, waterfalls are gorgeous at this time of the year, the rain forest areas in and around Boquete are at their peak. Come out and play Friday morning! No need to RSVP just show up. Pack water, bug spray, cap/hat, rain gear, hiking shoes preferred although gym shoes with good outer sole treads are fine. See you on the trail. Here are a few photos from the Finca. Email Jere McCormick for questions at jere chica @ gmail .com (no spaces) Walking on the rolling hills of Bajo Mono of Finca Quiel. Below worker on the finca. In the rain forest area of of finca and enjoying the waterfall. Fuzzy caterpillar one of Boquete's many beautiful and colorful.
  16. Meet 8:30 A.M at Plaza San Francisco in the parking lot then at 8:35 carpooling to an area in Alto Boquete in Saboney to begin our 1-1/2 hour nature walk on an dirt road. Beautiful views of Volcan Baru and Rio Caldera. This nature walk is all about walking slow and easy and enjoying nature and our company. Requirements: pack water, cap/hat, camera, wear sun block, hiking shoes, lite-weight attire and bring your hiking sticks. If you want bring an umbrella to shield you from the sun. No need to RSVP - just show up. Email Jere chica @ gmail.com for more information. See you on the trail, Jere McCormick Below Dry Rio Caldera, photo 2 View of Volcan Baru, Photo 3 Yellow Cup, Photo 4 Mimosa Pudica Wild Flower
  17. Join Boquete Nature Hikes this Wednesday as, we hike the El Pianista nature rain forest trail. A hike for the avid advanced hiker. I am sending out a call challenging the intermediate hiker to join us as well. You can do it, I know you can. We meet at 8 A.M. in front of Sugar & Spice leaving at 8:05 car pooling to the trail head for a 5 plus hour of hike up to the continental divide. This will end our 5 week long hikes exploring the semi-rain forest and rain/cloud forest areas of Boquete. What to bring? Rain gear, water, snacks or light lunch, bug spray, camera, binocs. Wear long pants and long sleeves, bring your hiking sticks, I have some to loan out. Cerro Pianista is truly a beautiful natural cloud forest trail. We will see how the dry season has affected the Cerro Pianista. There is no need to RSVP - just show up. See you on the trail, Jere McCormick
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