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Classical Music and Panamanian Music


We invite you to enjoy our musical presentation of the month of September, by the Clarinon Chamber Music Group of Panama.
Do not miss this presentation of classical music and Panamanian music, commemorating the 500th anniversary of "Panama La Vieja."

Thanking you always for your great support.

Date: Saturday, September 21, 2019
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Donation: B/.10.00

Tickets available in Mail Boxes Etc. & Boquete Library

We will wait for you.!



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Marcelyn and I attended this concert. Another outstanding performance of classical music brought to Boquete by Elsa Castillo, who is manager of the Biblioteca de Boquete.

First are a few pictures taken during the event.







Elsa was recognized by the Clarinon Chamber Music Group for her strong and long commitment to bringing quality musical events to Boquete. She was given an award that was custom made for her, including some indigenous art crafts. Recognition that is well-deserved.



Next are the marketing announcement and the program brochure images.


Program Announcement and Brochure_Page_1.jpg


Program Announcement and Brochure_Page_2.jpg


Program Announcement and Brochure_Page_3.jpg


Program Announcement and Brochure_Page_4.jpg


Program Announcement and Brochure_Page_5.jpg


Followed here with the video recordings of the music performed during this concert. Technical comment here: the performance area was an extreme case of back lighting, given the white rear wall that was strongly illuminated with directed white lights, and then the musicians in dark clothing with no stage lighting available. The visual rendering of the performers in the below video clips therefore is not of high quality. There was nothing that could be done to improve the lighting of the performance area.













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Thank you so much for this submission.   We are blessed with the facility and as well those that arrange these fantastic events.  When we can't attend we feel bad, so we really do thank you for posting the concert so we too can enjoy the music. 

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