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New Year's Resolutions

Phyllis Mc


                                                           New Year's Resolutions


I keep a journal and recently I went back and looked at my New Year's entries. I always make New Year's resolutions and like most people, I don't keep them. A 2002 study showed that only 46% of people who make new year's resolutions are still actively working on them six months later. I am consistently in the 54%.

I always resolve to lose weight and finally did it this year, but I cheated. I got really sick over a long period of time and lost my appetite. So does that count or not? It counts in the sense that I look and feel better, but it isn't like I made a resolution and stuck to it.

I also always resolve to exercise more, and did better with this resolution toward the end of the year when my husband and I adopted a rescue dog who is part Alaskan Husky. She does a happy dance whenever she sees the leash and I find it hard to say no to her. So, I walk for at least 30 minutes almost every day.

This year, I will keep the weight loss and exercise resolutions, because let's face it, they are a tradition now and traditions are good things to have in life.

I am adding gratitude as my one of my New Year's resolutions, and I suggest you do the same. Being a grateful person makes you physically and emotionally healthier, reduces aggression, lets you sleep better and helps you win more friends.


Most importantly, it is so easy to do, so you will be much more likely to keep it as a New Year's resolution. You just have to notice how lucky you are and thank God, the Universe, or whoever your personal belief system tells you to thank.

Here are things i am grateful for:

My husband, four cats and Gracie the dog.

My friends and family who are the absolute best in the whole world. How lucky am I?

Our home which is in a beautiful setting. The garden is full of color, shape and fragrance.

Views that knock my socks off. All that rolling green land and the clouds that rest half way up the mountains. When a double rainbow decides to curve itself above those lush green hills I could fall on my knees in gratitude (except I am getting old and have a hell of a time getting up again).

Morpho butterflies, (hell, all the butterflies), hummingbirds, tarantulas (I think they are so cute), brightly colored birds and geckos/lizards. I am not grateful about scorpions but my husband always comes running with a big shoe whenever I scream. Again, grateful for my husband.

Living in Boquete which is so different than the South side of Chicago where I grew up. Chicago is a great city, but as a city it is full of concrete, cars and smog. The difference between these two places is huge and it reminds me how much I love it here.

Having been so sick last year, I am grateful for my health. And for the health of the people I love.

And I am grateful for any readers out there who like my stuff. Thank you and have a happy, healthy, prosperous year.



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Phyllis, I edited your blog posting to convert the URL into a hotlink. That will make it a lot easier for readers to click and see the other content that you refer to.


P.S., your blog postings are wonderful. Thanks.

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Thanks for help with the hotlink. I knew it wasn't working but couldn't figure out how to fix it.


Happy New Year!




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