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Ten Ways to Tell if You are Becoming a Real Boqueteño

Phyllis Mc




1. If a week goes by without a power outage, you check to make sure your flashlights are somewhere you can find them easily because you know one is bound to happen soon.

2. You think of dry season as rainbow season.

3. When someone asks how you are doing, you say, "Fine! Gracias a Dios."

4. You've developed a sixth sense when listening to bochinche, and can immediately mentally rate it on your "bullshit meter".

5. You have large containers of water inside to refill the toilets and huge tanques de agua outside in case your     water mysteriously disappears (again.)

6. If it is dry season, no matter how wet you are getting from the weather, it is bajareque, not rain.

7. You think of Nelvie's, Sabrosons and Milqueburger as "fast food restaurants".

8. You don't think twice about why people have stopped their cars in the middle of the street for no apparent        reason. You just go around them.

9. If a North American yells at or is in other ways rude to a Panamanian, you think, "damn gringos."

10. You don't wonder why Panamanians are the happiest people in the world. You live here so you know.

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Recommended Comments

#13  You never drive your car into the center of David .  You park at Rey and take a cab.

#14 You are 100% convinced that police checkpoints are a really good idea.

#15  You love the bars on your windows.

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#16. You know the words "bajareque, meto, and bochinche" and their general meaning and you know how to use them in a Spanglish sentence.

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#17  If you see something in a store that they have not had or been out of forever, you buy half of what they have on the shelf.

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#18 If you don't see something on the shelf you thought you couldn't do without, you roll with it and in a short time you forgot you even needed it in the first place.

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#19. When you park downtown you expect to be on a 45 degree angle and need to struggle to climb out of the car. When you park in Alto Boquete you have to struggle to open the car door against the wind.

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#20 - When you realize that this list of Boqueteño status indicators is essentially endless..... And your response is "TIP" (this is Panama).

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#21 And when you have guests visiting that want to hike up to Baru and ask you to come along you smile and say...."Have fun, be careful...here's some pepper spray a boat horn and some water...we'll pick you up when you're back....and charge your cell phone"

Today we head to pick up our friends that left at midnight last night from the Boquete side and will hike all the way to Cerro Punta.  (sigh).......ahhhhh to be young again.   We won't be settled til we see them again.  

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#22: You are banned from participating in a Boquete-centric website administered by non-Boquetenos because your knowledge of and opinions about life in Chiriqui Province are too inflammatory for the tender sensibilities of a few newcomers and a couple of old soreheads.

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