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And Now I Know - My Favorite Fruit And Vegetable Stand Relocates



One of my favorite places to buy fruits and vegetables in downtown Boquete is Caballero, located on the left rear corner of the side street where Mascotas is found. We are told that most people call that store “Sarah’s Place” as its owner is Sarah Caballero. Don’t know the name of the street, but you turn off of Calle Principal here in Boquete at the corner where The Perfect Pair is located.

Headed to the usual location to purchase cabbage and red onions to prepare a dinner salad. What happened?? The store is gone!! While getting back into the car, I glanced across the street...and there is the Caballero store 👏👏. Larger space on the opposite corner with more room to display produce, more vehicle parking, and still a convenient location.

Boy, am I happy...and what a great decision by store owners. Thanks 👍👍‼️



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