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And Now I Know - Getting My Flu Shot



At 11:00am this morning (May 6th) I put on my face mask and gloves, and headed to the public health clinic across from Bomberos to get my flu shot. Of course, lack of parking was my first problem. Located a space about 300 feet down the street from the clinic and trotted back to join the waiting line.

After a couple of minutes a young man wearing a face mask motioned me to step to front of the line and asked my medical need. Told him I wanted a flu shot. He instructed me to walk around the metal barriers separating two lines and join the other area.  

I approached the table (outside clinic door) where one lady checked my cedula, logged my name plus address into her book. Looked confused when I requested she make flu entry into my international “yellow book” of inoculations. The second lady realized what I wanted, agreed to the entry before she gave me the flu shot. Only a few minutes. No pain involved. I thanked the young man wearing the face mask before I trotted back to my vehicle to complete grocery shopping before the rain started.

No appointment was made, and none needed.

Total time less than 10 minutes, including the walking time.


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I got my flu shot today, given that today (May 7th) is a guy's day to be out and about. I arrived about 11:06AM. Total time for me was about ten minutes. I was a bit more lucky than Marcelyn in finding a parking place at the corner across from the mayor's office (where the small ponies typically are located on holiday weekends). Marcelyn described the procedure quite well. Here is a picture of the flu shot station.


When I arrived, there was one man waiting in front of me (that is him in the photo). Upon my exit a few minutes later there were 13 men lined up waiting for their turn for a flu shot.

The two nurses were competent and friendly. All communication was in Spanish. Show your cedula, tell them where you live, and then roll up shirt sleeve. I also had them document the immunization in my yellow W.H.O. booklet. No bandaid provided. Alcohol was used in the preparation phase to cleanse the area of the pending injection.

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