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Buena Ventura



Very nice country club and facilities. Played golf there the second week in June. Jack Nickaulas course. The beaches there are nicer than up toward Las Lajas and Las Olas and the undertow in much less. I visited Playa Blanca and was not impressed. I'll do Bijao next trip. We stayed in Anton Valle up in the mountains. Anton Valle is actually the only city on earth built directly in the caldera of a volcano.


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Yes Twosailors, it is a big place well kept and the food is really great for a few pennies more. I don't know the price of the hotel there but I'm sure it is pricey. We stayed up on the mountain.

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Hill,   I enjoy your blog entries. You travel around the area with your interests and share your adventures with us. Thank you for sharing and bringing new information to our attention. Thanks.

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