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Boxing: finding a way out of poverty

Keith Woolford


Boxing: finding a way out of poverty

The country of Roberto Durán is still a boxing academy. In Panama City, in Curundú, in a place where a hangar used to be, the “Pedro Alcazar, the rocker” gym now stands. There, underpriviledged youths from areas of the isthmus’ capital come to take a step towards progress daily, through boxing. “There can be a world champion among them because they are poor and they are hungry to get out of poverty,” says Carlos Cruz, a retired boxer who won 37 fights in his career and who today is dedicated to training boxers.

“We do not have money but the little that we have we share with them to give them their ticket, to feed them,” says Rigoberto Garibaldi, who now as a coach claims to be the only international medalist in Panamanian amateur boxing.

Curundú’s gym is visited by boxing promoters from Colombia, Nicaragua and the United States for being considered a boxing academy.


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