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36th Anniversary of the Death of Omar Torrijos

Keith Woolford


General Omar Torrijos was a friendly dictator who governed Panama from 1968 to 1981 and is regarded as a national hero.

Today marks 36 years since the death of General Omar Torrijos Herrera


This Monday, 31 July 2017 commemorates 36 years since the physical disappearance of General Omar Torrijos Herrera.

His plane, a De Havilland Twin Otter (DHC-6) of the Panamanian Air Force, crashed close to the Cordillera Central, between the provinces of Cocle and Colon, in the Republic of Panama.

After the death of Torrijos it has been speculated that the General was the victim of a conspiracy.

The Omar Torrijos Fundación held several events to remember the figure of Omar Torrijos.

The former President Ricardo de la Espriella, will receive the Omar Torrijos award, at the headquarters of this foundation.


Torrijos with Boris Martínez and José H. Ramos Bustamante, led the 1968 coup that overthrew President Arnulfo Arias.

In 1959, he was captain of the National Guard, was commissioned to quell a guerrilla uprising organized by students of the Student Federation of Panama, in the Cerro Tute in the province of Veraguas. In one of the clashes Torrijos was injured.

He was the driving force behind the treaties for the recovery of the Panama Canal in the United States, who were later known as the Torrijos-Carter, which were signed on 7 September 1977.



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The book is a terrific read for non-fiction and a real eye opener when it was published.


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