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Rodny Direct Member Services Announces Health Discount Benefits for Members and their Families

Rodny Direct


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December 16, 2016 

For immediate release


Rodny Direct Member Services announces:


Health Discount Benefits for Rodny Direct members and their families



Hospital Mae Lewis is offering Rodny Direct members a 20% discount on all hospital services, such as room rates, MRIs, ultrasounds, CAT scans, X-rays, lab work and more. It costs you nothing above your normal $80 annual Rodny Direct membership. 


This 20% discount is valid for all Rodny Direct members regardless of pre-exiting conditions or age. There is a 22% discount on the list price of medications. The discounts include the normal jubilado discount. But for those who are not jubilado, the full 20% is in effect. 


These discounts at Mae Lewis hospital begin January 1, 2017 and will be reviewed as to success in April 2017. Mae Lewis reserves the right to cancel the program on May 1, 2017. However, if the program succeeds as we expect, it will be continued thereafter.


You may know that Rodny works closely with Irma Castillo Smith from Keep It Simple Panama to put this program in place and help manage hospital issues. Her consulting fee is $25 per hour, discounted to $15 for Rodny Direct members with the first hour free. Irma can also work for you as an advocate to obtain discounts from physicians who are not currently part of this plan. 


Rodny is not authorized to publish the Mae Lewis price list, but if you need prices for procedures, call Irma or Gloria. They have all the current information.


This discount program is the first that we are announcing. It is possible because of your power as part of the Rodny Direct membership group. It costs you nothing above your normal $80 annual Rodny Direct membership. 




  • Hospital Mae Lewis - All hospital-provided services are discounted for Rodny Direct members - including pharmacy, MRI and CAT scans, room rates etc. 
  • No additional charge to RD members
  • Covers your entire family under your $80 per year Rodny Direct membership
  • Class A facilities, English-speaking staff
  • No age or pre-existing condition restrictions
  • In association with Keep It Simple Panama, your personal medical advocate if you so desire
  • Simple, secure, professional online registration - no paperwork or Spanish contract to sign


Rodny Moreno Fuentes

President, Rodny Direct



Irma Castillo Smith


Keep It Simple Panama



Gloria Martinez

Customer Service Manager

Keep It Simple Panama

730 5263 or 730 5960



How to register


1) You can register online at rodnydirect.com. The process takes less than 10 minutes. Any questions while you are registering, call Rodny at 6573-0141. There is no contract to sign.


2) If you prefer,  email info@rodnydirect.com and we will set up an appointment to register you in person. 


3) Once you are registered, and your payment received, you will automatically receive an authorization document listing your family members to be used when claiming discounts as a Rodny Direct member. 

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This makes enormous sense for new settlers who are not yet permanent residents, who do not speak Spanish fluently.   You get reduced rate on health coverage and as well the benefit of Rodney who can assist you with navigation through whatever difficulties you are presented with.

I recommend Rodny Direct !


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