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Florida Visit



I visited Florida the third week of September. My sister and I stayed in her beach house for a week. I retired from a college and had to visit my former coworkers. And, all my hunting and fishing buddies were glad to see me. This was a real treat. They had tons of questions about Panama and were shocked (in a positive way) at some of the answers I gave them. 

Now, I'm greatful to be back in Boquete. The traffic, highway construction, crime, drugs, etc etc has not gotten any better in the USA. I was troubled at first trying to drive 75-80 mph on the TurnPike in Florida. Then it all came back to me----keep up or get your a$$ ran over. lol

After returning to Boquete I had to make two different trips to Panama  City. I rode the bus down there the first trip (return trip air.) Never again will I do this unless I can NOT afford a plane ticket. The traffic is horrible in Panama City and makes me appreciate Boquete even more. The last trip to Panama City we sat in the air plane at Albrook for two hours waiting for a window of opportunity to fly out for Boquete.  Finally we made it. The pilot offered to offload the plane if we agreed. No one spoke a word and we suffered the two hours!! 

This is only one of the Sand Sculptures from Schooners Last Local Beach Club, Panama City Beach, Florida. These people are serious artist.

In the end, Life Is Good.


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Hil, I hope you didn't grab that sand mermaid inappropriately.

And what is that leering creature behind her left shoulder? A US politician? Lucky you, to be back in Panama where there are no political shenanigans!

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my name (hilary) was a joke when Bill was president. heard all the jokes! here we go again.actually the fun didnt wear off. all the BS will be over soon. i could care less who wins. I will say this election will be a turning point in history for change or continue to stay in the middle east turmoil. we will never change that part of the world. all we can do is kill ISIS.

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